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Tree of life Tapestry

In concept Tree of Life , alludes interconnection of life to all its form on this planet. As a metaphor or synonym for sacred tree. Bring home this tapestry / sheet signifying cosmic tree of enlightenment . It also symbolizes the roots of the tree as humans, branches as wisdom whom we need to attach and learn myriad experiences and the vast trunk that balances these two. The trunk thus connects and nourishes US as beings and all around vibrations.

Mandala Powerloom

Often exhibit radial balance. They are used to focus attention of sacred space as an aid to meditate and induce trance like state. They symbolize the shield of good luck , protect as Gods the environment they are placed in. Also bring prosperity , good health and happiness to one’s house.


A flamboyant chic collection embracing rich heritage and cross cultures of India. Remarkable use of brilliant colors with folkloric embroidery. This classic amalgamation of fabrics is an intense and intricate delight of colors to place at home.


Represents the processes of both creation and self realization. Single spiral stands for radiation of ethereal energy, prominent interpretation includes balance, progress , expansion or symbolize ones internal journey of self discovery.

To balance out or even maintain contradicting energies this symbol Celtic of opposing spirals can benefit. To tap on the infinite reserve of the universal energy and timelessness of human spirit

You can also choose from our picturesque collection of Celtic knots that disperse infinite energy , also termed as love or eternity knot. This interweave of two individuals represents union of two souls . A round is the orbit of Sun dispersing earth, water and fire as the woven lines.

This timeless classic motif of Celtic has evolved over years , their surreal beauty and appeal yet remains permanent. Pick from our diverse range and size collection.


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